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Desvio James Siegel


James Siegel

Published 2007
400 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Wonderfully paced thriller! The action starts early and the plot gets twisted and tangled very soon thereafter. I wouldnt call this book cheap thrills per se, but it isnt the densest book youll ever read. However, if you go into this novel knowing what youre getting into, youll love it. The story has just enough plausibility to keep you interested, just enough emotion to keep you invested, and to reiterate, a good helping of pace. I read Detour in several short periods over two days, but I could have easily done it in a sitting over a couple cups of coffee.Word to the wise: do not read a long synopsis or detailed review of this book. Reading reviews after completing the book, I feel that going into the story as blind as possible is advisable. The premise is almost a spoiler in itself, and some if not most of the mysteries will be unraveled by smart readers well before the conclusion. But like a decent action thriller, even though you already know the what, stay along for the ride and marvel at the how. Trust me, its a very quick ride.