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Секрет Зоя Воскресенская


Зоя Воскресенская

Published 1981
16 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Zoya Ivanovna Voskresenskaya (Russian: Зоя Ивановна Воскресенская- in marriage – Rybkina, Рыбкина- April 28 [o.s. 15], 1907, Uzlovaya, Tula Governorate, - January 8, 1992, Moscow, Russian Federation) was a Soviet diplomat, NKVD foreign office secret agent and, in the 1960s and 70s, a popular author of books for children. A USSR State Prize laureate (1968), Voskresenskaya was best known for her novels Skvoz Ledyanuyu Mglu (Through Icy Haze, 1962) and Serdtse Materi (A Mothers Heart, 1965). In 1962-1980 more than 21 million of her books were sold in the USSR.In the late 1980s, as Perestroyka incited the wave of declassifications, Zoya Voskresenskayas story was made public. It transpired that a popular childrens writer was for 25 years a leading figure in the Soviet intelligence services foreign department. Voskresenskayas war-time memoirs Now I Can Tell the Truth came out in 1992, 11 months after the authors death.wiki