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True Crime : Ku Klux Klan QUIK ebooks

True Crime : Ku Klux Klan

QUIK ebooks

Published November 13th 2011
Kindle Edition
10 pages
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 About the Book 

Because sometimes our brains just need to nibble ...Its like food, occasionally you need a three-course meal, other times just a snack will do. Quik eBooks are like the cocktail sausage of the eBook world- short, tasty and perfect when youre on the go.Their timing was perfect. The South was in turmoil following the Civil War, with bands of unemployed veteran Confederate soldiers ravaging the countryside. Lawlessness was rampant and the Klan took advantage. They attacked houses belonging to former slaves, burning them to the ground. Black people were often strung up or left for dead at the side of roads. Read the history of the Ku Klux Klan in this Quik eBook.