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熱帯魚 Shūichi Yoshida


Shūichi Yoshida

Published June 10th 2003
Kindle Edition
248 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A simple yet beautiful book describing three lonely souls and solitary in the modern metropolis of Tokyo, echoing with the hearts of the readers who are living in a big city where the society is pragmatic and utilitarian, and the relationship between individuals is terribly distant. In this book, the sentences written by Yoshida are very simple without too many descriptive decorations or adjectives. And there is no climax in the whole book. Yet, one can feel the extraordinary loneliness and frustration between every single word, between every single sentence, throughout the entire book. What left in the readers mind after reading Tropical Fish is loneliness, a stronger loneliness than that before starting to read this book. There is also no explicit ending or causality of each story (there are three individual stories in the book), yet readers can indulge in their world of imagination, finishing the story according to their own life experiences as well as their own unique cognition of the world. Tropical Fish is an artistic and poetic book which I highly recommend to those who love to indulge themselves in the great loneliness given by a urban city.