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The Terrible Troll Martin OHearn

The Terrible Troll

Martin OHearn

Kindle Edition
245 pages
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 About the Book 

Another world with another history exists alongside our own.Robin Pace steps through the gateway into another time more than once in the course of a fantastic adventure. Newly arrived in 1937 New York, shes drawn into the fight against the enemy agent code-named the Troll. She and adventurer King Hudson chase the Troll to Nazi Germany, seeking to foil his theft of an American super-weapon that hasnt been invented yet. An earlier exposure to the energies of the gateway has left the Troll and Hudson a little more than human, Robin finds--and it looks like she isnt immune.Finally, thinking her part in the fight over, Robin boards the airship Hindenburg to return to the U.S.A. According to our history books, when the zeppelin comes in for a landing in New Jersey in three days, it will crash, consumed in flame.The history books may not have all the facts of the disaster straight, but make no mistake: Robin Pace is taking off on the last flight of the Hindenburg.The Terrible Troll is an 81,300-word adventure novel.