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Charles, 1854 (Les maîtres de lorge, #1) Jean Van Hamme

Charles, 1854 (Les maîtres de lorge, #1)

Jean Van Hamme

Published 1992
ISBN : 9782723414258
49 pages
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 About the Book 

Beer and comics, two of my favourite things combined into one. This is a series that follows a dynasty of beer makers in Belgium, written by Jean van Hamme, who always delivers good though not always inspired scripts. This is definitely inspired, though, and you get a feeling that van Hamme also has a soft spot in his heart for the amber liquid of the Gods.In this first volume we get to follow the start of the dynasty, as an young orphan monk in the 1850s rebells and starts his own brewery. Its all about the little man against the system, but the album has a great, great surprise ending, a twist that I did not see coming at all. It took me totally off guard, and changed my perception of this series.The art by Francis Vallés is in the modern French-Belgian tradition of realistic adventure/action/drama comics, and if anything, I would say that he might be inspired by the great Juillard, using the same precise, true-to-life art, with thin lines and very little cross-hatching or use of black areas. A drawing style like that need a really good colouring, which happily is what we get here.Im usually not very much interested in realistic comics in the drama genre, as I find that these kinds of stories often work better in movies, but this series has me intrigued. I was interested already beforehand just by the subject of this series, nut now, Im actually really curious as to how this storyline will evolve, and anxious to get going reading the following volumes.Oh, and I got to create a new theme for tagging my books here on Goodreads: Beer!